1. New Line Survey For SW Railway ( Mysore Division )
2. Bridge Drawings for RVNL
3. Collection of bridge details and drawings for SC Railways (Nanded devision)
4. Execution Of Civil and Track works For PFT in Andhra Pradesh.
5. Consultancy services For PFT’s in Andhra Pradesh.
6. Consultancy services for providing Railway siding in the following states

  • Andhra Pradesh (FCI Godowns)
  • Assam
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telangana.
  • Punjab
  • Haryana (PFT)
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Gujarat (PFT)

7. Consultancy services for Indian Oil Corporation limited.
8. Consultancy services for Cement Plants and in Andhra Pradesh.
9. Annual Track Maintenance for Cement,Thermal Power Plants and Steel Plants in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.